30 agosto 2007

020. Spider-man: Blues

Lo siento por no actualizar estos días. Sólo puedo decir: The show must go on! A continuación, fragmentos de la novela gráfica Spider-man Blue.

"Uh, Okay. Where do I begin?...

You see, I've come to believe that things have to get really, really bad before they cant get good...

Good follows bad. Kind of amazing.

... Someday... there may be someone who should know about you... us.

Your name was Gwen Stacy. Mine is Peter Parker.

This is the story of how we fell in love...

I guess when I try and sum up how I get.. how I feel sometimes around this time of year... I feel blue.

Not like I've been dipped in with the tidy bowl man, but like in music, in jazz... I'm feeling blue.

And I long for a time when a girl I knew with an incredible smile and so much good in her heart made me think...

Life can be great."
Esta es la entrada 94.

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